The BLMAA
The Black Lotus Martial Arts Association is a union of
martial artists who have banded together to improve
the quality of the martial arts world wide and to add
more of a Christian focus to the martial arts. The
BLMAA teaches an eclectic blend of martial styles
into one cohesive system. Aside from the BLMA
combative system we include and offer instruction in:
Shorei Goju Karate, Keehan Ryu American Combat Karate,
Dante Ryu Gojute Kenpo, Jute Aiki Jitsu, Hakka Ryu Jiu
jitsu, Yinchi Tao Chaun Fa/Chin Na, Combative System
and Thunderbolt Kenpo. Each school and system is
autonomous in the content of what they teach as long
as it doesn’t violate our philosophy or bylaws.
The BLMAA is affiliated with:
The Christian Brotherhood of Martial Artists,
Thunderbolt Kenpo International, Kenseiryu Karate
International, National Progressive Combative Systems,
Mugei-Munmei no Jitsu Association and the
International Combat Martial Arts Unions.

BLMAA Philosophy and Mission Statement
The BLMAA is a Christian orientated martial arts
association of several styles, groups, sister
organizations and systems. Each group is completely
autonomous coming together for mutual support and a
common vision.
Our endeavor is to enhance the training of the total
person. We believe that man is a triune being. He is a
spirit, he has a soul and he resides in a body. We
strive to train to unify and improve the disposition
of each of these areas in the total person.
We train in a martial discipline but we don’t train
to fight nor with the intention of finding opportunity
to use these acquired skills. We strive instead to
farther the moral and physical wellbeing of ourselves
and others and to have a positive impact on our
communities and the world we live in.
we strive to practice love, kindness and compassion
and to achieve peace wherever we happen to be and
whatever our situation.
We embrace reason first and diplomacy if reason fails,
resolution if diplomacy fails, de-escalation if
resolution fails, avoidance if de-escalation fails and
force only if no other recourse can be found.
We seek harmony rather than conflict, conflict rather
than pain, pain rather than injury, injury rather than
incapacitation, incapacitation rather than death and
death only when it is absolutely necessary.
We apply a “back to the wall” approach on fighting. We
will walk away to avoid a conflict and run await to
avoid a fight by we will fight if we must.
We know what we believe and we’ll fight and even die
for those beliefs if necessary.
“If a man doesn’t believe in something he’ll fall for
Shihan Tony Roberts
Master Robert Hackett
Sensei Freeman Fox
Sensei Alvin Smith
Shihan Donald Miskel



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      • i was wondering if you could recomend a shaolin monkey fist school i grandmaster rihnehart of the seven star shaolin system taught charles wiliington the third of lousianna new orleans ive had trouble tracking down both schools ive found some video and instructional and books on internet however. thank you. i remain Dennis l Self shodan 1st degree mugei munmei no jitsu under grandmaster Ashida Kim.


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